Jennifer Borrero is an award-winning, first-generation, Latina entrepreneur. Her social impact projects which address international human rights issues have been featured on multiple TED stages. Through her storytelling, Jennifer inspires students to realize they are capable and qualified to create change even if they are still figuring out their own journey.

Lorin Phillips believes prevention education is not the same as risk management. In order for us to grow we must approach prevention education by reducing both personal and organizational harms. Whether engaging in a crucial conversation on hazing prevention and alcohol misuse or delving into topics of well-being and the complexities of peer leadership, Lorin empowers students and communities to openly address harm reduction and safety measures with confidence.

Michelle Enjoli believes in the power of the entrepreneurial mindset. She helps students uncover their unique value to authentically connect and own the responsibility for their growth and development.


CAMPUSPEAK Speakers explore the detrimental effects of bullying on individuals and society while advocating for a compassionate approach to fostering understanding and empathy to combat this pervasive issue.