What is Your Unfair Advantage?

By: Tom Healy

I was recently asked by a student leader “how do I make a great impact in my organization this year?” and here was my response:

To truly unlock your potential as a leader, you need to look around at your friends, peers, classmates and everyone else, then ask the following:

  • What am I better at than them?
  • What do I enjoy doing way more than they do?
  • What leadership activity am I at my best when doing?

Narrow this down to one key item you feel is your Unfair Advantage over others – it’s something you thrive at and others simply don’t do nearly as well – there are hundreds of possibilities, here are just a few examples:

  • Organizing Events
  • Motivating People
  • Selling an Idea
  • Out Hustling People
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Holding Others Accountable
  • Coaching/Mentoring/Advising
  • Being a Great Listener

In summary, figure out what your Unfair Advantage is because it makes you unique and we are at our best as leaders when we are doing the activities that involve us executing on our greatest strengths!