Interactive Workshops

CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshops provide an intimate environment and opportunity to focus on a specific subject. Bringing the expertise of a trained facilitator to your community provides an outside perspective and challenges students to view things differently. The interactive philosophy encourages students to ask questions and take an active role in their learning experience. Students walk away with a stronger sense of community, feeling empowered to make changes. Don’t see a workshop that fits your needs? Ask us about creating a custom program for your community.

Help your emerging leaders discover their passion and potential by exploring leadership values and concepts. Are we doing enough to develop our best leaders before they run for a leadership position? What if we started sooner – focusing on the young leaders who might emerge as your next president, vice president or founder of a new student group? Building New Leaders gives your emerging leaders an opportunity to establish values as the foundation of leadership, examine qualities of the best leaders and explore leadership concepts and skills in an interactive way.

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In just one day you can help your community turn a corner by diagnosing the chronic issues within your organizations and building a plan for change. If you feel like your organizations could use a jolt of new energy to tackle issues, then our Council Surge Interactive Workshop might be the solution. Council Surge is an engaging, solution-focused program that allows you to use your organization’s core foundation – its values and better understand if your actions align. This program is ideal for executive boards of individual organizations in/or across councils or organization communities to come together and work as a cohesive group to bring about positive change when it comes to the operations, communication and functions of not only their individual group but the council or greater community as a whole.

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Let’s inspire students to take their leadership to the next level. In 2012, CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshops launched “Building New Leaders,” a workshop for emerging student leaders. That workshop helped potential student leaders think about the kind of leader they want to be, and how they might contribute to the campus community. The workshop has been so successful that many customers started asking for the next thing – a version for more established student leaders. That’s why we created Leadership Plunge! This is the workshop for your engaged student leaders looking to kick their skills up a notch in a thoughtful, strategic way.

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Explore the impact of hazing culture and challenge your community to break their dangerous traditions. Hazing is an often misunderstood and overlooked issue that takes root on our campuses and in our organizations, sometimes without us realizing. Crossing the Line is designed to open up dialogue about how a hazing culture begins and festers over time from “light hazing” to a dangerous cancer. This program discusses the short and long-term impact a hazing culture and focuses on creating a plan of action that will include creating prestigious rights of passage that will uphold a strong anti-hazing culture within our organizations.

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Help your organization find its purpose within your campus community by remembering why it began in the first place. The best way to ensure your organization leaves a lasting legacy is to start with the root of why your organization exists. The Finding Your Why Interactive Workshop is a way for members of organizations to get back to the why of their organization and to focus on being intentional with their actions.

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Imagine the impact on your community when chapters learn a highly detailed, results-oriented plan, that they can actually follow and that has been proven to increase success in recruiting. In the Fraternity and Sorority Life world, it’s often survival of the fittest. Struggling groups need to approach member recruitment in new ways in order to survive. Recruitment Boot Camp has helped chapters quadruple their membership and increase their bid acceptance by more than 50 percent. This holistic approach not only teaches the techniques for successful recruitment but also covers topics such as risk management, hazing and new member education.

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SALAD helps students build a collaborative and cohesive community based on values, commitment, and shared experiences. Are you looking for an innovative way to create stronger unity among all student leaders on campus? SALAD will help participants understand one another and make connections that will help them tackle important issues facing their community. Students will uncover a greater understanding of organizational similarities and differences while discussing values, examining current and potential partnerships and exploring perceptions of their student organizations.

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Elephants & Onions is an Interactive Workshop that focuses on motivating students to embrace diversity and to peel back the layers of social justice. For many students, the topic of diversity can feel like the elephant in the room. It is important for people to have a safe environment to discuss diversity and social justice and learn how they impact our communities. Elephants and Onions is an innovative, proactive way to train individuals who work closely with your diverse student body and helps participants understand how to can take responsibility for their actions and to become agents of change. Elephants and Onions is a starting point for the difficult conversations that surround social justice and social change.

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Limitless Leadership is a transformative leadership experience that walks students through a personality-based behavioral assessment and helps them maximize their leadership potential. Through the use of a personality-based behavioral assessment, participants will have the ability to understand how they are uniquely hard-wired and how key personality traits intrinsically relate to leadership, personal, and professional development.

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The Intake Equation helps members of culturally-based fraternities and sororities overcome challenges associated with intake and hazing. Although all fraternities and sororities have unique values and identities based on a historical foundation, ultimately it’s up to the current members to maintain the integrity of the organization. The Intake Equation tackles core challenges that can compromise what their organizations stand for, including hazing, intake, values alignment and various issues that truly matter to specific organizations.

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Take the guesswork out of decision-making. Make smarter, confident decisions with Decision SCOPE. Do you find if difficult to make big decisions? College students today face a wide range of tough decisions in their personal lives, academic classes, and organizations. The choices you make throughout college can have a lasting impact, so it can be pretty intimidating! CAMPUSPEAK has partnered with Dr. Jeff Belkora to offer a workshop tailored to helping students make better personal and organizational decisions surrounding the burning issues on your campus right now.

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Determine your values and discover your voice to overcome the bystander effect. The PersonalPower: A RESPONSE ABILITY® Workshop empowers students to go beyond bystander behavior and to intervene in problem situations. Oftentimes students know what problems they face, but don’t always have the tools necessary to combat these issues. This workshop fosters personal development and empowers participants to take action to make positive change on their campus and within their communities.

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