Interactive Workshops

CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshops provide an intimate environment and opportunity to focus on a specific subject. Bringing the expertise of a trained facilitator to your community provides an outside perspective and challenges students to view things differently. The interactive philosophy encourages students to ask questions and take an active role in their learning experience. Students walk away with a stronger sense of community, feeling empowered to make changes. Don’t see a workshop that fits your needs? Ask us about creating a custom program for your community.

Help your emerging leaders discover their passion and potential by exploring leadership values and concepts. 

Learn more about the Building New Leaders Interactive Workshop.

Help your fraternity and sorority community turn a corner by diagnosing the chronic issues preventing you from thriving and creating a plan of action for change.

Learn more about the Council Surge Interactive Workshop.

Explores leadership through the lens of situational leadership, critical conversation skills, and building a supportive team.

Learn more about the Leadership Plunge Interactive Workshop.

Elephants & Onions is an Interactive Workshop that focuses on motivating students to embrace diversity and to peel back the layers of social justice. 

Learn more about the Elephants & Onions Interactive Workshop.

Imagine the impact on your community when chapters learn a value-driven, results-oriented plan, they can actually follow that has been proven to increase recruitment success.

Learn more about the Recruitment Boot Camp Workshop.

Explore the impact of hazing culture and challenge your community to break their dangerous traditions. 

Learn more about the Crossing The Line Workshop.

Learn how to combine your why as a leader and your organization’s purpose to make a greater, more intentional impact on your campus community. 

Learn more about the Finding Your Why Interactive Workshop.

SALAD helps students build a collaborative and cohesive community based on values, commitment, and shared experiences. 

Learn more about the SALAD Interactive Workshop.

Masculinity Project explores the societal structures of masculinity and the pressures and challenges students face from these structures and expectations. 

Learn more about the Masculinity Project Interactive Workshop.

The Intake Equation helps members of culturally-based fraternities and sororities overcome challenges associated with intake and hazing. 

Learn more about the Intake Equation Interactive Workshop.

Limitless Leadership is a transformative leadership experience that walks students through a personality-based behavioral assessment and helps them maximize their leadership potential. 

Learn more about the Limitless Leadership Interactive Workshop.

Determine your values and discover your voice to overcome the bystander effect. 

Learn more about the Personal Power Interactive Workshop.

Take the guesswork out of decision-making. Make smarter, confident decisions with Decision SCOPE. 

Learn more about the Decision Scope Interactive Workshop.