Limitless Leadership


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Limitless Leadership is a transformative leadership experience that walks students through a personality-based behavioral assessment and helps them maximize their leadership potential.

Through the use of a personality-based behavioral assessment, participants will have the ability to understand how they are uniquely hard-wired and how key personality traits intrinsically relate to leadership, personal, and professional development. Participants will use their assessment results to build upon their strengths, lead others more effectively, collaborate successfully, and ultimately create a personalized leadership development action plan to guide them as a leader.

Limitless Leadership guides participants through a unique four-step process:

By the end of the program, participants will be prepared to thrive as leaders!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this program, students will learn:

  • how to analyze and process their behavioral assessment results,
  • how to understand the communication challenges that exist between different behavioral patterns,
  • how adversity and conflict can affect their impact as a leader,
  • best practices of successful leaders and how they can apply them to their lives and their membership organizations,
  • how to build leadership skills to create meaningful change in their organizations, and
  • how to develop a customized Personal Leadership Plan to guide them moving forward.

What CAS learning and development outcomes does this workshop focus on?

  • Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration, and application
  • Cognitive complexity
  • Intrapersonal development
  • Interpersonal competence
  • Practical competence

Workshop Details

  • 3-8 hour Interactive Workshop- Workshop is completely customized based on group needs
  • Includes participant workbook and post assessment

Who is this ideal for?

  • Presidents Conference/Academy
  • Greek Council Leadership Transition
  • Greek Council Strategic Planning
  • Emerging Leaders Conference
  • Leadership Consultant Training
  • Staff Development
  • Executive Board Development
  • Any Leadership Development Event

By bringing in Limitless Leadership, you will receive:

  • Scientifically validated behavioral assessment for all participants
  • Participant workbooks for all participants
  • Leadership coaching documents to guide participants after the workshop
Lead Facilitators

The Limitless Leadership Interactive Workshop curriculum was written and developed by Tom Healy and Jessi McPherrin.

Tom HealyTom Healy

Tom grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, graduated from Ohio University (with degrees in marketing, management & strategic leadership) and currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

Tom is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and consultant who is an expert in helping young leaders reach their extraordinary potential. Tom has helped a wide range of organizations find, develop and keep top young talent, including national nonprofits, the United States Navy, the Harvard Medical School, industry trade associations and Fortunate 500 companies.

He has delivered over 1,000 presentations in 32 different states to college students, young professionals, and company executives. Tom is also the CEO & Managing Partner of LaunchPoint, a consulting firm dedicated to helping fraternities and sororities thrive. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, traveling, boxing, golfing and his multiple leadership roles as a community volunteer.

Jessi McPherrinJessi McPherrin

Jessi graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she received a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Before attending Florida State University’s Master’s Program in Higher Education Administration, Jessi acted as a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity and served as the Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at both Lehigh and Villanova Universities; she currently serves as the VP of Strategic Initiatives for LaunchPoint where she coaches fraternities and sororities on recruitment, growth, and organizational development.

Jessi believes in providing students an opportunity to develop their leadership through ownership and action. Her understanding of student development theory coupled with her passion for inspiring students to create positive change in their communities has allowed her to impact thousands of young leaders across the country.

Courtney McKennaCourtney McKenna

Courtney McKenna is the Case Manager in the Dean of Students Office at Quinnipiac University where she is responsible for case management, prevention education, and student conduct. As the Chair of the University CARE Team, a hybrid behavioral intervention and threat assessment team, she receives all referrals for students of concern and develops intervention and support plans in partnership with campus colleagues. This past year she convened and chaired the University Prevention Task Force where she leads the group of faculty, staff, and students through a strategic planning process to develop an integrated approach to university prevention initiatives around alcohol/drugs, sexual misconduct, and student wellness. As a trained investigator and hearing panel member for matters of sexual violence and gender discrimination, Courtney serves as a member of the Title IX Team and the Title IX Campus Resource Team (CRT). She enjoys designing and facilitating training for faculty, staff and students on topics including, but not limited to, identifying and supporting students of concern, de-escalation and crisis management, bystander intervention, understanding sexual violence, and more. With over 10 years of experience in Student Affairs, Courtney’s roles have included fraternity & sorority life, student leadership development, and new student and orientation programs.