4 Simple Mistakes Smart Leaders Avoid

How are you doing on your goals for this new year? People say that most don’t make it past January 14 when they give up on the resolutions. Have you already given up on your goals before you stepped back on campus or logged in to a virtual classroom? I took a long time making my plan for this new year. I spent an entire day alone making plans. I shared my plans with mentors. I shared my plans with peers. I shared my plans with friends and family. I am determined that this semester will be one of the best semesters.

Every Year things change and perhaps this year more things have changed than ever before. What has not changed? Leadership still matters and perhaps now more than ever before. And also that Tom Brady goes to the Superbowl. Wow. Tom Brady reduced the mistakes of a good team and made them a great team.

If Leadership matters more, we must avoid these 4 mistakes now!

1. Teamwork vs. Talent. It’s very easy to fall under the trap of talent. Talent is great but teamwork is better than talent. How can you focus this year to help everyone come together in your organization to create group and community success? Everyone working together will bring more success than talent can alone. How can you focus on Teamwork instead of Talent this year?

2. Energy vs Ego. A couple of years ago I toured a power plant. I learned about how the plant transfers energy and gives life to the city. I learned how the power plant generates energy that benefits everyone. Ego can often do the opposite. Ego can pull the energy from an organization. Ego can drag down an entire group. Ego can be a critical problem on a team. How can you generate the energy to have success in your organization?

3. Attitude vs Applause. Do you like applause? I must admit I can think in my mind about a standing ovation after a keynote. I had a huge smile on my face just thinking about it. Nothing wrong with applause or enjoying applause, but the most effective leaders are not controlled by the applause. They do not make their decisions based on applause but the team comes first attitude. They do not invest their time focusing on applause but on how they can best help their fraternity or sorority. Instead of focusing on applause focus on bringing a great attitude to your organization. Focus on keeping every member with a positive attitude.

4. Mentor vs Manage. As a leader, one of your primary responsibilities should be to create more leaders. How are you investing your time, energy, influence on the future leaders looking up to you? Google describes a manager as “ a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.” A manager mindset is ok, but to take it to another level you have to mentor and create more leaders. This new year requires more than just management.

Your Organization Needs Leadership! Your Team Needs Leadership! Your Fraternity or Sorority Needs Leadership! Your 1st Gen & 1st Year Students Need Leadership! The World needs your Leadership!