Buy in or get OUT! Twitter chatter

David Stollman has a lot to say about Fraternity and Sorority Life, and so do the students that attend his keynotes.

Chatter from the audience is not necessarily a negative thing when David is speaking as he encourages dialogue through Twitter during his Buy In or Get OUT! After all, he’s there to start those critical conversations, and it gets students thinking about how his message applies to their chapter, organization and campus community.

Here’s some recent Twitter chatter from students during David’s keynote, Buy In or Get OUT! (#BIOGO), that delivers us a personal perspective on how #BIOGO is personally affecting them.

Kalli LeVasseur @itskaaalli
“Friends say the things you want to hear, sisters and brothers say the things you need to hear.” @David_Stollman #BIOGO

Katie Henry @_katieproblems
“This is the family you get to choose.” #BIOGO #GoGreek

Jessica Florac @jessicasarah11
this meeting’s almost a party #BIOGO @David_Stollman

Angelica @chika_Loca
@David_Stollman #BIOGO funniest speaker ever. love it #GreekUnity

Caroline Havekost @c_havekost
@David_Stollman Thank you so much for coming to ISU and speaking yesterday! I know our new members loved it!! #thankyouagain #BIOGO

Jimmy Howard @JimHoward4
@David_Stollman Most influential speaker we have had at the house in years #BIOGO

Samantha Stonehocker @samstonehocker
@samstonehocker: As Greek students, we must remember the wearing of our letters is a privilege. We have to work to earn our letters. #BIOGO”

Because of the impact David is making across campuses, he has been chosen to keynote the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values’ (AFLV) Western Leadership Conference in February 2013.

“I’m very proud of the partnership that I’ve been able to develop with AFLV. They’re an amazing organization that provides quality educational programming to students across the country, and I’m very excited to be able to play a role in that,” said David.

Have you tweeted yet? Send your thoughts to, @David_Stollman, #BIOGO

Then visit to learn more about how David can get your students to Buy In or Get OUT!