Leadership at every step

Some say leaders are born while others believe they are made. No matter what, in every step of a leadership journey, people can use development, direction, and guidance. CAMPUSPEAK supports all leaders, from those with their first inclination to help create something better, to the seasoned leader that has shaped organizations and continues to look for new ventures. Through our Interactive Workshops Leadership Series, we have something for all types of students and their stages of leadership.

Building New Leaders

Yes, you guessed it. This workshop is for the rising stars or newly elected officers. Those with the shimmering thought of one day leading their desired organization to greatness. They want to dive in headfirst and immediately get started on change. This determination is exactly what they need to stay afloat. But, they can be much more successful and prepared with leadership tools and techniques. This is where Building New Leaders comes in.

What if the leadership conversation was started before they ran for a position? Giving students the tools they need to get started and the confidence to be a truly good leader will develop them into the very best. This workshop isn’t about the organizations on your campus; it’s about the students who are part of them. Help them become something great.

Leadership Plunge

Whether your students have participated in our Building New Leaders workshop or they have already held a leadership position, Leadership Plunge is the perfect workshop for them to dive deeper into their personal leadership style. Leadership Plunge builds on the existing leadership skills that many students already possess.

Students will spend time refining skills such as initiating difficult conversations as a leader, situational leadership theory, and goal setting. They will reflect on their current leadership style and identify personal goals to help them develop as leaders throughout their time on campus. They’ll leave with their own personal “leadership blueprint” to guide them along their leadership journey.

Finding Your Why

How often do you ask yourself WHY you’re doing something? You might know what you do or how you do it, but why do you do it? This can be seen on the organizational level as well. Why do you host a certain event? Why do students look up to your members? Why does your organization matter?

Before you talk about what you do in your organization, you need to know why you do it. By looking at the importance of your organization and the reasons why you started in the first place, you can open it up to even more potential. Finding Your Why gets leaders together to examine their individual organizations as part of the whole community. Amazing things happen when you acknowledge why you’re apart of something.

Invest in your leaders, in every step of their experience, and they will continue to invest in the organizations that are helping your campus flourish.

Council Surge

Is your council or chapter operating as effectively as it could be? This workshop is all about council leadership. Council Surge starts at the beginning, bringing the community together to understand the purpose and the goals of the council, whether it is your chapter executive board, greek council, residence hall association, or even your student government. Once the community understands and respects the role of the council, the growth begins.

This workshop will empower council leaders to serve and lead their community to the best of their ability. It unites communities to achieve more together. Council Surge is also fully customizable to meet whatever challenges your council faces. If your community is ready for a jolt of fresh energy, this is the workshop for you.

Invest in your leaders, in every step of their experience, and they will continue to invest in the organizations that are helping your campus flourish.

For more information about these workshops visit campuspeak.com/workshops.