Think Differently

We all like to stay within our comfort zones because, understandably, it is where we feel safe. It is where we feel in control and most likely where we’ve been before. The paradigm is that our comfort zones also place limitations on us. By not going outside our comfort zones, we are not challenging ourselves to our potential. And more importantly, we are not achieving the goals and dreams destined for us.

Everything you want in life is just outside your comfort zone.

Kevin highlights a few key points from the first chapter of his book Think Differently To Achieve Success that will help students get closer to the goals and accomplishments that they most desire.

Break Through Your Comfort Zone
You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And if fear has been holding you back, one of the first steps your must take is to break through your comfort zone. Associate feeling uncomfortable as a requirement to living your dreams and achieving goals. When you achieve and manifest that goal or outcome, you will want to apply this fundamental concept more and more.

Break Through Barriers
Imagine for one moment that every limitation and obstacle you hear about or visualize can be broken through. When you hear the phrase, “we’ve never done it that way” or “that won’t work.” Smile at that person and say “OK, thank you,” then proudly let them watch you do it.

Ask Questions
We must ask ourselves better questions to get the results we want. Meaning, when things don’t go our way, instead of asking, “where did we go wrong?” we should ask, “what can I learn from this experience?”

Kevin released the second edition of this book, Think Differently To Achieve Success, with even more tips for student leaders. Kevin also recently won a speaking competition at the North Carolina Jaycees Annual Convention, and will go on to compete in the 2013 ‘Speak Up’ competition.

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