Finding Strength on Your Worst Self-Esteem Days

Stacy Nadeau encourages young women all over the country to focus on the positive and feel great about themselves. In 2005, she was one of six women who posed on a Times Square billboard in their underwear. Stacy uses her experience as a Dove Real Beauty model to start teaching women the importance of a healthy body image.

In honor of this year’s Women’s History Month, Stacy shares a few ways to find strength even on your worst self-esteem days.

Be your own best friend
Loving yourself unconditionally is hard to do. But it will be even harder for others to love you if you cannot do it first. When you wake up and the annoying checklist of things that you dislike about your body begins, squash the thoughts. I have a rule?I give myself no more than five minutes to feel bad for myself. I accept the qualms, take a deep breath and keep moving. I have a full day’s schedule to get to!

Battle the bad days
If you’re having a particularly bad day, surround yourself with the people who bring you up. Who are your “go-to” people that will be there and support you through it all? Find them and soak up their positive attitude during these days.

Think healthy
Focus on a healthy ideal, not a thin one: there is not a woman I talk to who doesn’t have a size or weight goal in mind. It is rare for me to hear, however, a woman say she has an overall health goal. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle that fits you and the rest will fall in to place. Trust me!

Stacy’s keynote, Embracing Real Beauty, speaks to men and women about the role they can each play in incrementally changing the messages that young women receive. Stacy is a fantastic choice for body image awareness week observances, women’s conferences, Panhellenic education and new student orientation.