Quick Life Advice

By: Darryl Bellamy

I was in the Sauna early one morning and received a text from a friend that asked: At this point in your life, what are the three most important pieces of advice you would give someone? I had no idea why she was asking and thought quickly as not to overthink my answers.

Without thinking, hot and sweaty, here’s what I typed back in bold. Anything not in bold is my additional commentary added now.


  1. Everything is going to be alright, and I repeat everything is going to be okay. At the moment when things are falling apart, and life might not make sense, know that you’re not alone, and I’ll make sense later.
    If you ask me what I want audiences to leave with after hearing me speak is the belief that they’re not alone. After reading thousands of the same fears, no matter what/how I’m feeling I know I’m not the only one going through whatever “thing” it is… If you’re reading this right now, you’re not alone! Never think you’re alone and if you do, find someone to talk to, you’ll often find by talking to others that they’ve dealt with either the SAME thing or something similar. I repeat, “you’re not alone.”
  2. Open yourself up to new experiences, new people, further education and people that encourage you to do those things. Your next level of success comes from something from within or someone introducing you to something new.
    Brendon Burchard said at High-Performance Academy that “only two things change your life, either something new comes into your life, or something new comes from within,” I’ve found this to be accurate, seek new experiences and challenge yourself, say yes, stress until happens and then do it! Or read, spend quiet time with yourself, and find what you have within, I believe we already have everything we need for this moment. I also think we often already know what our next step needs to be – do that. I’m often amazed when I discover and try new things (Avocado Toast!!), and I wonder what was I missing out on all these years?
  3. Without good health and good brain health, you’re not in good health. No matter how often you get off track, don’t forget that health is the foundation to it all.
    Good health is everything, and brain health is so important!! Watch this. I hope it helps you as it helped me; this video altered my life. Secondly, I always want to be fit and healthy because lower fat content translates to better brain health and a lower risk of many diseases, watch the link above to learn more. Success, helping millions of people, wealth, means nothing if you’re sick with the flu or stuck in bed. Take care of your body first! When you do get off track in your health journey, don’t beat yourself up, start again knowing it’s a journey.