What Do I Do If I Experience Hazing?

Hazing is an issue that has plagued college campuses across the globe. It’s a disturbing practice that has no place in higher education institutions, yet it persists. As a college student, you might find yourself in a difficult situation if you experience hazing or witness someone else going through it. Here are some steps you can take to help further prevent hazing if you or someone you know have experienced it.

1. Recognize Hazing:

Hazing encompasses a range of activities or rituals that cause physical or emotional harm to individuals as a condition for acceptance into a group or organization. These activities can include humiliation, isolation, physical abuse, excessive drinking, or any other form of degrading behavior.

Here is an additional article to measure the spectrum of things that could be considered hazing.

2. Report the Hazing:

Reporting the hazing is essential to stop the cycle of abuse. Most colleges and universities have strict anti-hazing policies in place. Contact the appropriate campus authority, such as the Dean of Students, the Office of Student Conduct, or the campus police, to report the incidents you have documented. Your report will be kept confidential, and you have the right to remain anonymous.

3. Remove Hazing

Removing the hazing from within your organization and your campus is incredibly important to getting rid of hazing across all campuses. Take a look at some of the rituals or traditions that your organization may have that could be considered hazing. We want to get rid of hazing all across the globe, and taking these actions will get rid of hazing over time.

Hazing is a serious issue that affects the physical and emotional well-being of college students. If you find yourself experiencing hazing or witness it happening to others, remember that there are steps you can take to address the situation responsibly. Prioritize safety, document incidents, report them to the appropriate authorities, seek support, and advocate for a safer campus community. Together, we can work to eliminate hazing and create a college experience that is inclusive, respectful, and free from harm.

Here are some additional resources to look at if you have experienced hazing:

Several national organizations are dedicated to addressing hazing and providing resources for victims. Consider reaching out to these organizations for guidance and support:

StopHazing: StopHazing is an organization dedicated to preventing hazing and providing resources for individuals affected by hazing.
HazingPrevention.org: This organization offers educational resources and advocacy for hazing prevention.
National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC): If the hazing incident occurred within a Greek organization, these national bodies often have resources and support available.