Yeah… but

How often do you make excuses for your daily actions? Do you often look back on your actions or reactions and think “oops”?

Whether it’s making personal decisions or ones within a group setting, it’s time to look at the moments that the little voice in our head says “yeah, but…”

As we embark on a new school year, we need to prepare our students for challenging situations and difficult conversations. Social justice isn’t about acknowledging our differences but about embracing our individuality, and what each person can bring to the table. Each school year brings about new experiences that cause students to analyze their preconceived notions about what to expect when dealing with diversity.

“Yeah, but…”, is the excuse we give.

When making decisions, what factors or explanations can influence you to change your behavior?

Do you think it’s ok to exceed the speed limit by 10mph? Yeah but…what if you’re in a school zone? Yeah but…what if you’re on the way to the hospital?

Is it ok to remove your president from office? Yeah but…what if your president didn’t meet the grade requirements? Yeah but… what if your president offended members for standing up for his or her beliefs?

Elephants & Onions focuses on being an advocate for change. Students will be challenged to look at assumptions and judgments that we make and how that affects the community. Students also learn about communicating across differences and how to engage with others different from themselves. While this workshop can make students feel uncomfortable, it challenges them to think beyond the surface of their actions. Participants will leave with a new perspective on how saying “Yeah, but…” impacts themselves and those around them.

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