Gearing up for Greek Week

By David Stollman

In theory, Greek Week is a chance for a community to celebrate what it means to be a member of a fraternal organization. It is a chance for us to highlight what our community means to us, and to the campus at large. Showcase what makes us great, and even remind our neighbors, faculty and administrators, why they should support us.

So let me ask… How’s that working out for us?


1. Use a GPA multiplier
Take the point total for the competitors and multiply it by their chapter (or chapters) GPA. Wouldn’t that demonstrate the primary importance of our commitment to academic excellence?

OH WAIT! Doing that might make Lip Sync less important. I’m sure our Founders would be crushed by that!

2. To promote community, stop the monogamy
Why not have each chapter team up with another (or more than one) for each event, and then take points with them as they then team up with different chapters for the next one? It would force chapters out of their comfort zone, and stop the internal drama around match ups and member boycotts against groups they don’t like.

3. Add some GREEK to Greek Week
Think of ways to insert some of what makes us special into the week. NOT TOGA PARTIES!

Maybe a trivia night with questions about fraternity founding locations or creeds, and games matching famous sorority members to their organization? I know it is scary to think that a few hours learning about each other might take away from precious dance practice, but I think you’ll live.

David Stollman approaches Fraternity and Sorority Life with humor and blunt honesty to get your chapters where they need to be. Whether you’re needing confidence to start confronting those risky members, wanting to break the negative stereotypes surrounding your organization, or needing a little motivation to live up to your founders values, David has you covered.

Perfect for Greek Weeks, or any Fraternity and Sorority Life programming, think of David when you’re wanting to make some real change in your chapter, and when you could use a good laugh, too.

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