Start with recruitment, end with a legacy

Tom Healy wants students to step up to the leadership opportunities they’re apart of during college. There’s no coasting with Tom, only excellence.

“You are leaving a legacy whether you like it or not—it is up to you to leave a positive legacy,” says Tom.

Tom is passionate about getting students to leave a lasting, positive legacy within their organization and on campus. He is a facilitator with Recruitment Boot Camp—constantly meeting with Fraternity and Sorority organizations, chapters and members to make their recruitment process more successful. He’s worked with countless students across the country, and continues to see their abundant potential.

“Don’t waste your opportunity because you were too lazy to care. You’ll walk around your campus years from now and have to live with the fact that you wasted an opportunity to make a significant impact because you couldn’t wake up before noon or put down the X Box controller,” says Tom.

First, take a look at recruitment.

“Stop trying to be everything to everyone. It is time to start developing strict criteria for potential members, raise the bar to an uncomfortable level and only target the students on campus that meet those standards. You’ll end up having a line out the door of high-quality potential members,” says Tom.

Next, it’s time to think about your contributions as a member, and the legacy you want to leave behind.

Tom shares three, simple tips that can help every fraternity of sorority member down the path of greatness.

1) Find a role in your chapter that utilizes your strengths and do a great job at it.

2) Only recruit members that are better than you were when you joined.

3) Pick a member of your chapter younger than you to mentor for the rest of the year.

Tom helps student leaders feel confident that their hard work will matter. With his direct approach, the message just clicks with students.

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