I Just Want to Go Home

Homesickness is a common problem among college students, affecting seven out of ten students. It’s crucial to understand that feeling homesick doesn’t make you weak or a coward; in fact, it’s a perfectly normal part of the college experience. As you navigate the challenges of a new environment, it’s okay to miss the familiar comforts of home.

Believe it or not, many of your peers are likely experiencing similar feelings. By acknowledging this shared experience, you begin to build connections that feel comfortable and welcoming. Creating a new family away from home involves getting to know others, both those who share similarities with you and those who bring a different perspective to the table.

These new connections become the foundation of your support system. Instead of viewing your college experience as a departure from home, see it as an opportunity to create a new home with a chosen family. Shared laughter, late-night study sessions, and the ups and downs of college life will gradually make your new surroundings feel like a second home.

In Nisan Trotter’s New Keynote “Home Away From Home” learn how to make college feel like home too!


69% of first-year college students report feeling homesick. Nisan Trotter was awfully familiar with this statistic as a first-year student. As a first-generation college student, Nisan attended college nearly 1,200 miles away from his hometown in Alabama. Nisan found himself phoning his mother in tears due to homesickness, regretting his decision to go to college, and considering dropping out. Luckily, Nisan discovered that the only way to truly thrive and reach his highest potential in college was to turn his school into a #HomeAwayFromHome.

In this keynote, Nisan Trotter shares a roadmap to first-year student success. Students will learn that success in college means taking ownership of their campus spaces and experiences. They will learn how to build true community with their peers by leveraging the power of strategic relationships. Undergraduates will also discover the power of hyper-focusing on winning despite many campus distractions. Finally, they will be taught why finishing their collegiate journey is one of the most gratifying and rewarding achievements.

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