Sealing the deal: The importance of how you offer a bid

Offering someone their bid can be one of the most significant parts of the recruitment process. Not only is this sealing the deal on recruitment but it is also the beginning of membership in the chapter. Between the meetings, conversations, and values explored in recruitment, by the time we are ready to offer an individual that membership, don’t let this significant moment. Offering someone a bid means we are engaging them on a level that we want them to make a lifelong commitment to our organization. This is an exciting event and should be treated as such.

Whenever it comes to sealing that deal, by this time you’ve already built up the relationship to this individual. You should know the people you are bidding on on a level where they trust you. Make sure you add the proper elements to create a truly meaningful event. How you offer a bid can be the deal-breaker on whether they become a member, defers the chance to join, or completely waits until later. When offering bids, always remember the following pieces.

Be Respectful

Offering a bid is a serious thing and involves serious outcomes. This should be an exciting process that is treated with respect for both the organization and the men involved. Make sure that the offering of the bid fully expresses your desire that someone joins your organization in a health way.

Be Informative

By this point, the person you are bidding should know what they are looking for and what it means to be a part of your organization. Receiving a bid though, they still may have a number of questions. Instead of being mysterious, be prepared to provide any information they need. Better yet, be up front about everything when offering them the bid. By now you should have already had these conversations, but don’t leave them guessing about what membership means.

Be Excited

When you are offering a bid to your organization, you are showing a new member that you are excited about their potential chance to join your chapter. Be sure this person knows this excitement is there. Offering a bid is a celebration for everyone involved. No need to worry about being monotone and serious. These people deserve to be excited with you.

Be Relatable

While you will want your men to feel that this is an important moment in their fraternal experience, be sure that you do not make it too formal. This is a time for celebration and excitement, it is not a funeral. Adding in unnecessary elements of seriousness or making the event “frightening” is never the right way to welcome men to your organization.