Tim Mousseau

Combining original research with powerful stories grounded in personal experiences, Tim Mousseau uses passion and vulnerability to guide conversations that will leave students inspired to combat sexual violence, redefine masculinity, and provoke change.


▪Bystander Intervention ▪Fraternity & Sorority Life ▪Leadership ▪Masculinity  ▪Organizational Development ▪Orientation ▪Social Media ▪Sexual Violence Prevention ▪Violence Prevention


▪Retaking Our Story: Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation
▪Mo-Men-Tum: Changing the Landscape on Modern Masculinity
▪Tattooing Your Leadership Legacy

Additional Services & Programs

▪Sexual Assault Prevention Peer-Education Program
▪Sexual Assault Prevention Campus Consulting




Tim’s Bio

Over the past few years, Tim has worked in the fields of sexual violence prevention and masculinity to move the needs on these critical topics at over 300 keynotes across the country. Throughout his work, Tim has been featured in Men’s Health, a SpokesMo for the Movember Foundation, and a past board member of the nonprofit, 1 in 6. Professionally, Tim received a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga and a Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of New Mexico. Tim is a writer, currently working on children’s books, and an artist, having a hand in the design of all 30 plus of his tattoos based on personal life experiences.

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Tim is a dynamic speaker with a powerful message for everyone. He empowers others to take a stand to end the violence and the culture violence thrives in. Our students were moved by his presentation and continued it onto other campus conversations to end the culture that promotes violence.

Joy Jager

Project Coordinator, Upper Iowa University

Tim brought a fresh and thoughtful approach to a topic that college students feel they hear about too much. I found Tim’s presentation to be very impactful. I thought it was the perfect mix of giving tips to help mitigate sexual violence through bystander intervention and challenging men to be better. I would also add that his approach to speaking to men was constructive – he did not blame them for their predisposition to carrying out acts of sexual violence but rather their culture and upbringing. I think this approach is best for limiting defensiveness from men. Overall, I think the presentation was a great success.

Amy Kristof-Brown

Dean, Henry B. Tippie College of Business, Univ. of Iowa

See What People Have to Say!

Tim has been a partner of Peabody’s for quite a few years and does an outstanding job of delivering challenging content with a focus on meeting students where they are. He shares a deeply personal story with vulnerability and honesty, which provides a foundation for students to reflect on how they play a role in maintaining or dismantling rape culture. I also appreciate Tim’s willingness to personalize the content to our community’s needs, as he incorporating content on toxic masculinity in his talk with our students this year.

Stacy Cooper Patterson – Director of Student Affairs, Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University

Tim has visited our campus multiple times and never fails to bring the message home to our students. Prevention starts with ending the silence on sexual violence. His message is backed up by research and credible resources (making him popular with our faculty). His powerful story reached over a third of our campus with care, compassion, and humor.

Stephanie Kinkaid – Title IX Coordinator, Monmouth College

Having Timothy Mousseau as our keynote speaker exceeded all of our expectations as event organizers but more, he significantly impacted our audience. We received calls and emails about the lasting impression Tim created for weeks after he addressed our attendees. He was able to create a safe and inviting environment that was conducive for our men to openly listen to the difficult topics at hand while processing the internal changes necessary for everyone to feel empowered to be a part of the social movement to end gender violence.

Mindi Fetterman – Found & Executive Director, The Inner Truth Project

Simply Fantastic! Tim Mousseau has been a staple of Oglethorpe University’s yearly approach to addressing our campus’ sexual assault conversation. Specifically, through New Student Orientation and Greek Life, Tim’s Retaking Our Story presentation always receives extraordinarily high praise from our students making him consistently our highest rated campus speaker. It is amazing how students feel empowered after hearing Tim. He has the unique ability to reach all genders and make the difficult topic of sexual assault accessible to a widely diverse population

Amy Palder– Assistant Dean of Students and Chief Conduct Officer, Oglethorpe University

Tim did a fantastic keynote for our students. He delivered an excellent message with serious points but added humor and encouraged open dialogue around topics that are often swept under the rug. Tim’s point around sexual conquests and societal male capital hit home with students. I had several male students approach me afterward and tell me that Tim’s keynote really changed how they will be approaching encouraging their friends to engage in sexual relationships and discussing sexual values.

Emily Weeks – Assistant Director of Student Activities, Lander University

I can honestly say I have never seen our student athletes so engaged around a conversation of sexual violence. Tim was a phenomenal speaker and the students, coaches, counselors, and myself appreciated his story, his idea of leaving a legacy, and his take on leadership. I am hopeful we can have Tim on campus in the future!

Erika Pichardo – Program Coordinator, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Tim is an outstanding speaker. He connected with the audience more effectively than most speakers we have had during this program series. Tim was honest and authentic with a strong stage presence that captivated the students even when they had a desire to talk with their neighbors. His interactive questions at the beginning was the perfect strategy for this population.

Tara Fuller – Coordinator of Greek Life, Rider University

At his time with Texas A&M and Duke University, Tim’s delivery method was both moving and engaging. His story has the ability to develop empathy in a population that is often indifferent and hard to reach. Several students reported that his response to drinking, sex and sexual violence was the most realistic and relatable explanation they had heard. I would definitely utilize his services and recommend him to colleagues in the future.

April-Autumn Jenkins – Gender Violence Intervention Services Coordinator, Duke University


Retaking Our Story: Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation

It only took one letter to redefine Tim’s life forever. With a photograph and a few accompanying words, Tim was faced with the evidence of an experience he had no memory of – he learned he was a victim of sexual assault. Not only did he have to come to grips with this new reality, but he also had to face the nightmare of being stalked and blackmailed. After struggling in shame and silence, over time he came to realize something—this was his story to tell, and by telling it, he could take ownership of it. 

After years of silence, Tim wrote about his experience, and thousands read about his secret. He wasn’t prepared for the response – he heard back from hundreds. By opening up the conversation on this sensitive topic, he discovered he had the power to redefine his outlook and made it his mission to empower others to do the same. 

In this keynote, Tim leads a deep and vulnerable conversation on the delicate topic of sexual assault drawing from his original research, personal experiences, and years of advocacy across the country. Tim will help your communities understand the background needed to facilitate productive conversations on sexual assault, resources to assist in the survivor recovery process, and how the power of our personal and community action can be utilized in prevention. Students will leave feeling empowered to create a culture of compassion while realistically facing an issue prevalent on campuses across the country. This program is federally compliant with Title IX guidelines and regularly updated to address emerging research in sexual violence prevention.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to empower a supportive campus culture focused on preventing sexual violence, promoting healthy relationships, and efficiently using community resources,
  • the definition and different terms and actions involved with sexual violence, how these can impact an individual, and how to be prepared to address these issues within their community,
  • bystander engagement skills that work for their specific community, overcome common barriers, and focus on Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary behaviors, and,
  • a clear understanding of the concepts of ethical consent, survivor support, bystander engagement, healthy relationships, and overcoming rape supportive cultures.
Mo-Men-Tum: Changing The Landscape on Modern Masculinity

As a male survivor of sexual assault, researcher, and widely published author on topics of masculinity, Tim has seen firsthand how frequently students want to have conversations concerning the ever-changing idea of masculinity. The key lies in helping guide these discussions in a way that is just as fluid as the differing definitions of masculinity. During his time working with hundreds of thousands of students discussing sex positivity and sexual assault prevention efforts, Tim has also helped create spaces where students can have critical discussions concerning the application of masculinity. By laying a foundation grounded in the roots of this term, exploring the outdated history of this idea, and drawing from studies regarding cultural systems, Tim helps his audience members understand that like many things in life, there is no black and white when it comes to masculinity, but the answers are often fluid. 

In this keynote, Tim leads a vulnerable conversation about exploring his masculinity as a male survivor and how traditional values and tropes or masculinity influence our perceptions. By digging deep into the topics surrounding identity and self-creation, students can clearly see the difference between healthy and harmful masculinity.

By connecting personal stories with original research grounded in the collegiate experience, Tim will leave a lasting impact on your students. This program is meant to challenge perceptions while building a welcoming dialogue where everyone can participate.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to define between healthy versus harmful masculinity and identify how these behaviors influence culture,
  • how systems and cultural institutions shape masculinity and how masculine ideas shape individual perceptions,
  • the tools and activities they can use to generate further conversations about masculinity in their particular organizations, and,
  • the need to challenge traditional concepts of masculinity as correlated to behaviors that are causing harms.
Tattooing Your Leadership Legacy

What are the similarities between tattoos and leadership? As a permanent expression of the self, a good tattoo has significance and is accomplished as a work of art. As guides to the future, students are taught leadership practices that help them create organizational legacies centered on improvement.

While every legacy should be just as meaningful as any tattoo, too often students are leaving their organizations with short-term accomplishments that disappear as quickly as a temporary tattoo. Even worse, students are making decisions that their organizations may later regret.

In this creative keynote, Tim uses humorous, insightful stories about his body art to dare students to stop looking at leadership as a practice and instead, address it as an art form. He will push students to consider the legacy they want to leave their organization and how to create a beautiful future while avoiding the development of legacies they later regret. By discussing the idea of acting with a clear vision to move beyond the status quo, Tim will prepare students to ditch leadership labels and become their most authentic self. By learning to embrace their imagination, creativity, and flaws, students will realize the power behind being a unique leader.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the role of imagination, creativity, and risk in creating a long-term legacy,
  • how long-term planning can impact member safety, retention, and engagement,
  • why neglecting personal interests and passions sets leaders up for failure, and,
  • how to generate organization buy-in to critical issues while overcoming resistance factors.