Chapter recruitment doesn’t have to be hard

“Chapters make recruitment way more difficult than it needs to be,” says Tom.

Tom Healy is a recruitment specialist who works with hundreds of fraternity and sorority chapters each year on their mission to recruit more high-quality members.

Tom wants you to know it doesn’t have to be so hard.

With the release of his new book, Getting Great in the Door, Tom helps fraternities build a new and improved recruitment plan in 90 minutes. Tom pulls from his experience working as a recruitment specialist for Recruitment Boot Camp and the hundreds of chapters and councils he’s coached over the years to provide students with the guidance they need to develop their own, customized recruitment plan.

And he doesn’t stop there. In “Getting Great In the Door” Tom will show you how to:

• Develop a clear mission for your chapter
• Identify the qualities you are looking for in a new member and how to properly measure them
• Create more value for members and articulate that value to potential members
• Sell your chapter to potential members while being authentic
• Establish a massive list of great potential members
• Have a clear system to turn the right men into members

“This book is a must read for anyone trying to create effective development and growth strategies for an organization. Tom does a great job at taking a simplistic approach to a dynamic process and helps the reader create a tangible plan on completion. This book has key takeaways not only for recruitment but for your life success. I would highly recommend everyone to take the 90 minutes it takes and read this book and develop the plan to get your organization where you want it to be,” said Spencer Montgomery, Sigma Nu.

To continue the recruitment conversation with Tom, think about bringing his keynote to your campus. Tom’s upfront and honest approach will solidify the recruitment message for all members of your organization so you can move forward as a whole.

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