Social Justice

Can we all just get along…

By: Dr. Stacey Pearson-Wharton “Can we all just get along?” Those words were spoken by Rodney King during a very turbulent time in our country and a great divide. At that time folks were divided; there were riots in the streets and looting in Los Angeles as a result of a non-guilty verdict for police […]

Surviving and Thriving in the Wake of Oppression

By: Stacey Pearson-Wharton, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of speaking with students about the impact of implicit and hidden bias within all of us. Recently, students have begun questioning whether microaggressions aimed at them are, in fact, macroaggressions that are intentional, premeditated, or deliberate. Given the rash of […]

Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Saul Flores, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month From our sandy shores to our brightly colored homes, our heritage is rooted in a diaspora of cultures that are spread across Latin America. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage month to encourage students to remember where they came from, where they are, and where they will […]

Elephants & Onions Interactive Workshop

It is no secret our differences still divide us. The award-winning curriculum of the Elephants and Onions Interactive Workshop has updated content to address your campus’ need for inclusivity. Students leave with a new level of self-awareness and perspective, benefiting your community and beyond. Credit // Author: CAMPUSPEAK Elephants & Onions motivates students to embrace diversity and peel […]

Three Launching Points for the New Year

It’s January, the month of new beginnings well it’s now February of month of love and new beginning 2.0. At the beginning of the year, people often set goals and make resolutions; things like losing weight, reading or exercising more, or maybe even taking better care of themselves. These are admirable goals; I have set […]

Being black in white spaces

Being black in predominantly white spaces can be complicated for African Americans at different ages and stages in life. The difficulty of the African American student’s college experience can be a particularly complicated time given the growth, learning, and change that are an embedded in this season of life. Specifically, research has shown that students […]

Fixing a social justice rupture in your community

Over the past several decades, social justice educators have done the honorable work of educating our nation’s students on issues of power and privilege. With privilege walks, star power, difficult intergroup dialogues, this transformative work has permanently transformed the discourse of our nation; our conversation is truly more inclusive. Despite our best work even social justice […]

We, the people, shall overcome

If anything good has come out of last year’s fatalities involving law enforcement, it is that America has learned to channel its frustration and anger that often results in aggressive behavior to demonstrations of peace and justice. Like many of you, it was difficult to recount the myriad of mortalities that widened the gap of […]

A new voice to Martin Luther King Jr. Day programming

Searching for programs that unite students, faculty and staff across differences for the common good of the community? Meet T. Leon Williams. His passions are witnessing the growth and development of students, and the professionals who work with them, and he might just know a thing or two about uniting unique groups on campus. For […]

Elephants and Onions workshop

Motivating students to embrace diversity and peel back the layers of social justice. For many campus communities, diversity is the elephant in the room. As it continues to morph into something bigger, social justice, people need a safe environment to have discussions and learn how it impacts our communities. You might be looking for an […]

Yeah… but

How often do you make excuses for your daily actions? Do you often look back on your actions or reactions and think “oops”? Whether it’s making personal decisions or ones within a group setting, it’s time to look at the moments that the little voice in our head says “yeah, but…” As we embark on […]

Spreading social justice through words

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. A common nursery rhyme that many students have—more than likely—heard time and time again. Whether it’s an insult, derogatory saying, or a lie about someone—those words may cause more damage than the nursery rhyme leads people to believe. Each year, new students […]