Dr. Lauren Cook

Dr. Lauren Cook helps students fight the stigma of mental illness and teaches communities how to implement wellness. She shares how students can create a life of purpose by identifying and implementing individual and group values.


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▪Name Your Story: How to Talk Openly about Mental Health
▪Eat Your G.R.A.P.E.S.: How to Cope Through Challenging Times
▪Rise to Shine: Building Happier Lives & Organizations
▪Letters that Last A Lifetime


Does your community need a boost?

Lauren CookAre you noticing that your employees, students, or members are struggling to identify and activate their purpose? Dr. Lauren Cook helps audiences of all sizes define what matters in order to begin living in accordance with their values.
Lauren has spoken to thousands of audience members and speaks around the country to instill a message of resilience and hope within each listener. Your guests will walk away with a better understanding of their internal strengths and how they can channel those for a purpose-driven life.

Lauren Cook

Want a tool to support your mental health journey? Get Dr. Lauren Cook’s book on Amazon.

Want a tool to support your mental health journey? Get Dr. Lauren Cook’s book on Amazon.

Laurens’ Bio

Dr. Lauren Cook is a therapist, speaker, and author. She travels around the country sharing how we can cultivate a life in accordance with our values. Lauren is passionate about bringing mental health to people of all ages, as she recognizes that wellness continues throughout our lives. Lauren integrates positive psychology, gratitude, and neuroscience into her work to inform her evidence-based teachings. She specifically practices third wave tenets (CBT, ACT, and DBT) to help her clients apply mindfulness and cognitive flexibility for intentional living.
Dr. Lauren Cook began her training at UCLA, where she majored in Psychology and Communication Studies. She then earned her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. It was during this time that Lauren became trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and learned how to help families and couples integrate healthy communication strategies while building greater emotional closeness.
Dr. Cook then completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. During her doctoral training, Lauren developed a specialty assessing for prodromal symptoms (or early-onset development) of various serious mental illnesses. She is passionate about lessening the stigma associated with mental illness and implements a recovery model and strengths-based approach for her clients and their families. She believes that any person, no matter what symptoms they are experiencing, deserves to live a meaningful and enriching life. Stigma should never get in the way.

Lauren’s Blogs

The following are past entries Lauren has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog

Alumni Relations

Mental Health

“Lauren came to speak with our university about mental health awareness and self-care. Throughout her keynote, Lauren engaged with the audience, asked questions and provided tangible solutions for addressing mental health issues and improving self-care. From beginning to end she was an absolute joy to work with!”

Deanna Der

Syracuse University

“Lauren’s presentation on mental health was the most powerful presentation I have ever been to. This helped me more than you know.”

Association of Fraternal Leadership and the Values Conference Student Attendee

“Lauren Cook speaks with compassion and lights up any room with just her presence alone. Her ability to put a smile on someone’s face and instill a sense of purpose in them with her words comes so naturally. No matter how many people are in the room, Lauren communicates in a way that is meaningful to every individual and you will not leave without taking a little piece of her with you.”

Presley Peterson

University of Central Florida

“6 out of 5 stars. Lauren’s presentation was outstanding. I just wanted to say thank you for having a safe room to talk about mental health.”

Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference Student Attendee


Name Your Story: How to Talk Openly about Mental Health

Ever experienced a panic attack before? Felt too stressed or sad to get through your day? Even felt suicidal? You’re not alone. The problem is that not many of us are talking about it. Too many of us are suffering silently. As a therapist, Dr. Lauren Cook provides an open, honest, and safe space to discuss how to navigate and cope with the challenges surrounding mental health. The talk is broken down into three parts: Name It, Face It, and Embrace It. You’ll learn how to recognize some of the signs and symptoms of the more common disorders and also learn how to access and share resources. Lauren also covers self-care and how you can integrate wellness into your life on a daily basis.

This is a must for your campus if you want your students to feel supported and validated in their mental health journey. From orientation and the first year experience to RA and organizational group trainings, your community will appreciate that you’ve provided a space of intentionality to discuss mental health with Dr. Cook.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety,
  • how to encourage others to name their experience and voice their truth when they feel sadness, distress, or disappointment,
  • how to prioritize self-care through mindfulness and body awareness, and
  • how to harness multiple resources of help through counseling, family and friends, exercise and more.

Name Your Story – Online Education

Name Your Story is a mental health curriculum that Dr. Lauren Cook has created to provide education and resources for students and their advisors. Lauren offers over 20 videos and these modules cover information on various mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance use, and psychosis. Other videos include information on mindfulness, healthy habits, practicing gratitude, and integrating self-care. Lauren also reviews how to access help and how to have conversations surrounding mental health. Students will also get a customized handbook for applied learning. This curriculum largely ties in with the Name Your Story keynote that Lauren offers. There is also a paired book, Name Your Story: How to Talk Openly About Mental Health While Embracing Wellness, to further the learning process for students. Learn More->

Eat Your G.R.A.P.E.S.: How to Cope Through Challenging Times

Have you been struggling to stay mentally healthy during this season? This year has offered its fair share of heartache, disappointments, and difficulties and Dr. Lauren Cook provides tangible coping strategies you can use to feel better. You’ll learn how to implement the G.R.A.P.E.S. technique so that you’re able to navigate through these unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances. By integrating cognitive flexibility and mindful self-compassion, students and staff alike will learn how they can incorporate structure with spontaneity. Better yet: every participant will get their own G.R.A.P.E.S. grid so that everyone comes away with an identifiable plan for wellness.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to process the spectrum of emotions that come up during difficult times and learn wthat to do with them,
  • how setting up a plan for success still matters, even when plans get cancelled, and
  • how to develop a self-care plan that is easy to implement, sustainable, and fun to create.
Rise to Shine: Building Happier Lives & Organizations

Finding purpose looks different for each person, so how do we achieve joy regularly, both in our own lives and in our membership experience? Lauren highlights how to cultivate our values through goal setting, gratitude, and giving back. She shares how we can take ownership of our lives by setting both personal and professional goals while learning how to access mentorship within our organizations. This is a talk that will give your community a morale boost while celebrating what’s going well and appreciating one another. Prepare to catch some major feels.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the value of evaluating what genuinely brings them meaning in their lives and how to pursue their purpose on a regular basis,
  • how to effectively set goals and utilize mentorships to achieve them,
  • develop a daily sense of gratitude that fosters an appreciation for the little wonders in everyday life,
  • the importance of a curiosity and passion to serve the greater community.
Letters that Last A Lifetime

There’s a reason that you said “yes” to your organization on Bid Day. But why do you continue saying “yes” and showing up? Chances are, it is because you have found a community in Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL). Dr. Lauren Cook shows how this community can extend beyond college. Saying “yes” to our chapters can be a lifetime experience, and Lauren shares how our lives can be shaped personally and professionally by the FSL community. Indeed, Lauren shares how her time working at Disney, traveling the world, and even finding her lifelong partner all came from saying “yes” to not only her chapter, but the FSL community as a whole. Lauren invites members to be openly proud to identify as a fraternity or sorority member…you never know what or who might change your life when you do.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to build a lifetime appreciation for being a Fraternity & Sorority member beyond college graduation,
  • how to engage the power of mentorship by inspiring students to seek mentors and be mentors themselves, and
  • to find pride within the Fraternity & Sorority Life community and challenge the negative stigmas held against the FSL system by integrating a social justice framework.