SALAD – Building stronger campus communities for 8 years

In the past eight years, SALAD, a community building interactive workshop, has provided students with ways to make their campus communities more inclusive.

On November 3, 2003, SALAD launched at Miami University of Ohio with great success. It is now the longest running Interactive Workshop that CAMPUSPEAK has to offer. SALAD has visited campuses nationwide since 2003, working with a wide range of student leaders. SALAD has two versions, one for fraternity and sorority leaders and one for all student organizations.

“This workshop opened our eyes to problems in our organization, and showed us that we can actually work toward changing and fixing them,” said one student at University of North Carolina, Pembroke after attending SALAD.

Delivering practical and useful tips to students about the importance of an inclusive and positive campus environment has proven to be beneficial for those organizations looking for progress.

“SALAD was very effective in revealing many of the stereotypes and preconceptions on our campus—it lead to dialogues that began bridging many of the gaps on our campus,” said one Graduate Assistant for Greek Life at Illinois State University.

SALAD strives to open up the conversation from issues ranging from stereotypes on campus to building connections with fellow students.

“When we realized the demand for a program for a smaller group of students that incorporates small group activities, hard hitting and honest discussion and a well-trained facilitator, SALAD was born. SALAD has been the foundation of the Interactive Workshops division for almost a decade, and it continues to be a favorite for all types of campuses,” said Liz Kelly, Director of Interactive Workshops.

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