Improve your intake process and continue to build your organization’s legacy

You want to have the best organization on campus, but are you taking the right steps to make that happen?

The Intake Equation is a workshop designed to bring members of black and multicultural groups together to discuss hazing, intake and chapter sustainability. The Intake Equation recognizes that just getting by isn’t enough anymore. Think bigger and better.

Organizations aren’t naturally successful. It takes work, dedication, quality members and the drive to make it stand out, among other things. The intake of quality members for your organization can help build a legacy for your organization—and this happens on four levels. Take a sneak peak into The Intake Equation workshops with these simple tips.

1. Individual Action
This is as simple as it gets. Go meet people. Building relationships is a great way to build a legacy.

2. Chapter Planning
Waiting almost two years to do another round of intake does not make you exclusive, it makes you extinct.

3. System Assistance
Get everyone in your organization on the same page—set-up opportunities for members to learn about the target audience during intake.

4. Community Assistance
Don’t feel like you need to do this by yourself. Get in contact with people from your graduate or alumni chapter, other local chapters or at the national level—these people can act as an amazing resource.

Don’t get lost or stuck in traditions that aren’t working in your favor. Use these simple steps to build your organizations legacy, then spread it like wildfire.

In addition to the tips above, the Intake Equation will introduce students to branding their organization and then aligning their values and actions with that brand. It’s important to pay attention to your message, simplicity, consistency, repetition and integrity, when looking to brand your organization.

“Great program. Honest, real and poignant. Made me think a lot about my pledge experience and what I did to other pledges after me. We need to do things differently,” said one student at the Northeastern Greek Leadership Association, after attending the Intake Equation workshop.

The Intake Equation helps students develop actionable ideas to help them build and maintain a legacy of success. For more information on this workshop and how to improve your organization, visit