Yes! We can facilitate your next event!

With over 50 talented facilitators, CAMPUSPEAK can help present your current curriculum or help develop the perfect session for your event.

Sometimes, students and staff just respond better to a new face saying some of the smart things you’ve been saying all year. If you think your group would appreciate a fresh outside perspective, CAMPUSPEAK can help.

The University of Pennsylvania used facilitation services in to provide a workshop for the new members of fraternities and sororities. The facilitator customized a new member education curriculum to fit the needs of the campus. CAMPUSPEAK strives to make each workshop tailored to each campus community.

“We used CAMPUSPEAK’s Facilitation Services to offer a different voice to new member education training. The facilitator was a delight to work with: professional, comprehensive and engaging. She worked cooperatively with our staff to develop something geared to our particular needs and challenged students to see new member education differently. It was a great way to allow our students to hear from an expert in the field at an affordable price,” states Stacy A. Kraus, Associate Director of Student Affairs/ Fraternity and Sorority Life, University of Pennsylvania.

We like to say YES to your programming needs so you can have the greatest impact at your next event. Work with CAMPUSPEAK to create exactly what your audience needs for a successful day—bring a new idea to your campus!

Georgian Court University utilized a facilitator, not once, but twice in a semester to work with its students. The first facilitator visit was focused on officer training and transition, community building, meeting management and conflict resolution for the Student Government. After realizing the impact an outside perspective can make, three months later, she facilitated a workshop on leadership, life skills and team building for the Black Student Union.

Our facilitators are highly competent and friendly higher ed professionals who know how to take a set of goals and turn them into a day of discussions and planning. They can do as little or as much as you want. Our facilitators are eager to visit your campus to help with your programming needs and to advance your campus, students, faculty and staff!

Get in touch with CAMPUSPEAK to start the idea process. We can get a talented and knowledgeable facilitator for almost any topic, on short notice and at a reasonable price. Make the best of your next event with fresh ideas and perspectives from Facilitation Services.

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