Leadership: From transactions to transformations

Do you feel like your members are simply checking the boxes to meet requirements? Is the communication within your organization becoming too routine?

Your organizations and members may be relying on only one type of leadership; transactional leadership.

What is this style of leadership?

Transactional leadership relies on the relationship of the leader and the follower. Members are rewarded by their leader for completing tasks on time or attending events, and members will face negative consequences for failing to meet expectations.

Transactional leadership in student organizations may lead to problems…

• Rewards and punishments are motivating factors rather than learning opportunities
• Members come to expect something in return for everything they do
• Creativity and innovation are not encouraged and do not reach their full potential

Transactional leadership can be effective in situations where problems are simple and clearly defined, however, being a student leader is not so simple!

It might be time to make the move from Transactional to Transformational Leadership.

Student leaders can move beyond transactional leadership to inspire change in their organizations. By using transformational leadership, leaders can move past the transactions and connect with the members of their organizations.

Through transformational leadership, leaders will…

• Provide a shared vision to motivate members
• Challenge their members with development opportunities
• Encourage members to take ownership of their work

The start of a new academic year is the perfect time for new leaders to develop and hone in on their leadership skills and get the chance to practice their new skills throughout the upcoming year.

Our Interactive Workshop, Building New Leaders (BNL), exposes emerging leaders to five leadership theories, including transformational leadership. BNL allows students the chance to practice the different leadership styles to develop skills to overcome challenges associated with being a leader. Participants will leave with new skills in their leadership toolbox.

Visit campuspeak.com/buildingnewleaders to learn more about Building New Leaders, and how this workshop will transform your emerging leaders.