Kevin Smith – Getting you in ethical fitness shape

Meet Kevin. He’s a 2013 new speaker with CAMPUSPEAK. He’s here to get you ready to make those tough decisions.

Let’s learn a little more about Kevin.

1) Why did you decide to start speaking to college students?
I love making connections with students because they know they have something meaningful to contribute to the world, and now is their time. This is who college students are to me: believers and doers. But college can also be tough with so many opportunities hanging in the balance with every decision. I speak to college students because I have a unique message that will help them make the most of their time, energy and investment in themselves and each other.

2) What’s the best part about speaking to college students?
I love student’s energy, their desire to challenge the status quo, and knowing that this is such a critical time for lifelong success. It’s so much fun to make the most of the time I get with each person and each group. I’m blessed to get a chance to build relationships that last for long after I leave a campus.

3) What makes your keynote different than other leadership keynotes out there?
Good decisions are something we have to make every single day. My keynotes are practical, applicable, and filled with memorable takeaways which ANY student can use virtually all of the time, not just on rare occasions for positional leaders.

I make people see things in ways they never saw them before. I paint a picture that makes sense, stretches your viewpoint and make it genuine to each audience and their specific needs.

4) What’s your idea of “ethical fitness” about?
We all face dilemmas—decisions we have to make between two competing things. This is certainly true for college students. We balance loyalties among friends and mentors; we balance trust among our peers; we balance our integrity against peer pressure. And, there’s a lot on the line. Like athletes who constantly prepare for that one moment when they have to perform at their very best, I prepare college students with the tools they need so they can stay true to the path they have created for themselves and continue to work hard for.

5) What’s the importance of decision making for college students?
College students are more successful when they are given the ability to stay true to their dreams and aspirations; yet, there are so many chances to trip up and get set back. Because not everything in the real-world is black and white, college is also a great laboratory for learning the art of thinking through difficult situations, knowing how to decide not only right and wrong, but right and right.

While visiting a campus, one of Kevin’s favorite things to do is ask about people’s about their favorite spot on campus, learn what they’re most proud of and even try the staple food on campus.

It’s his genuine passion for each and every school and its students that bring his keynotes to life.

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