4 Steps to Owning your Fall 2023 Semester with the What If It All Goes Right Method

As we gear up for the Fall 2023 semester, I want to share with you a powerful method that has transformed my life and can help you achieve tremendous success too. I call it the “What if it all goes right” method, and trust me, it has completely transformed my life & now I want to share it with you!

In case you don’t know me, my name is  Angela Gargano, a 5x American Ninja Warrior, and I’ve faced my fair share of challenges, including tearing my ACL not once, but twice, including on American Ninja Warrior, yes on national television with everyone watching. It was a devastating setback, and at times, I felt like giving up. I wondered… why me?

It took me a few months of being really down…

I decided to embrace the “What if it all goes right” mindset. Instead of dwelling on the “why me?” and letting fear control my actions, I shifted my perspective. I chose to see my injuries as opportunities to grow, learn, and come back stronger.

Step 1: **Cultivate a Positive Mindset**
– I started each day with positive affirmations, reminding myself that I had the strength to overcome any obstacle.
– I reframed my challenges as opportunities for growth and learning, viewing each setback as a stepping stone to success.
– I surrounded myself with positive, supportive people who believed in me, which lifted my spirits during tough times.

Step 2: **Set Clear and Achievable Goals**
– Despite my injuries, I defined my objectives for the future, envisioning a triumphant comeback on the American Ninja Warrior stage.
– I broke down my goals into smaller, achievable tasks, like focused physical therapy and mental conditioning.
– I set realistic timelines, understanding that progress might be gradual, but every step forward was a victory.

Step 3: **Embrace Resilience and Perseverance**
– I accepted my setbacks as part of my journey, acknowledging that they didn’t define me but were opportunities to bounce back stronger.
– I learned from each challenge, identifying areas for improvement and incorporating those lessons into my training.
– I sought support from friends, family, and mentors who encouraged me to keep pushing forward, even when the road seemed tough.

Step 4: **Take Control of Your Life**
– I made proactive decisions about my training and lifestyle, I realized I cant use my leg.. BUT I can use my upperbody. my core and my arms! I CAN work on my mindset. I was in control.
– I remained adaptable and open to new opportunities, which led to a deeper understanding of myself and my capabilities.

So, as we embark on this new semester, I encourage you all to adopt the “What if it all goes right” mantra. Believe in yourselves, embrace the challenges, and know that every step you take is leading you towards greatness.

Together, let’s make this Fall 2023 semester one for the books – a semester filled with growth, resilience, and success beyond your wildest dreams. I’m rooting for each and every one of you, and I can’t wait to witness your incredible journey!