Finding Your Why: Recruit With Your Why

As a leader of your organization, you are excited to help it continue to grow. One way to do this is through recruitment. Organization fairs, informational meetings, tabling, and social media are all great ways to attract new members. But, they all require you to interact and build a relationship with a prospective member. This can be a bit awkward at times and you may be unsure what to say during these interactions. As a former student leader, I know this firsthand. 

What if I told you there was an easy way to it less awkward? Sounds great, right? 

What if I told you it requires little work too? Sounds even better, no?

In the Finding Your Why Interactive Workshop, we talk a lot about how your personal why for being a part of a group and your organization’s why for existing are great tools to use while leading. A great way to apply these is through conversations during recruitment. 

Here is an easy exercise to prepare you for that conversation with a prospective new member. Take a few minutes to jot down your responses and weave your responses into the interaction. It will be more memorable, get them excited, and because you shared openly, will help form a relationship too.

TIP: Use this blog as a training exercise for an upcoming meeting or retreat. You’re welcome. 😉  

  • Why are they interested?

Recruitment is a two-way street. It’s important you learn more about their interest first so you can start building the relationship. What are they searching for? How did they hear about you? Connect their responses to your answers to the next questions. The conversation will just flow. 

  • Why did you join the organization?

What was it about this organization that made you say yes? Examples could be: you were searching for community, your roommate was a member, you attended an event to see if it was the right fit.

  • Why should they join the organization?

Joining an organization comes with so many benefits, so tell them all the great things you have to offer! Examples could be: 

  • You are an academic/major based organization who hosts study hours and tutoring sessions for its members, 
  • You are a service organization who helps connect students to volunteer opportunities or service events you host
  • You are an identity or culturally based group who hosts socials and dialogues to help others deepen their sense of belonging and meet similar individuals,
  • You are a performance group who hosts showcases for people to share their talent with others and perfect their craft.

Outside of just meeting new people and getting involved, these are more meaningful and help others see the value of spending their time with you.

  • Why do you stay in the organization?

Tell your story about how the organization has impacted you, why you keep coming back, and why you think it’s a benefit in your life. This is where the real opening up comes in. Be authentic and truthful.

That’s it! Seemed easy, right? You did not have to think too hard because it all stems for your own experience. Organizations are all about the people, relationships, and experiences they provide. Recruiting with Your Why helps you showcase just that.