Women’s Empowerment

Overcoming Tragedy: 4 Steps for Healing

By: Brittany Piper, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker October 2, 2017. Las Vegas. Life is bleak sometimes. More often, lately. For many of us, these near monthly tragedies open old wounds of violence, terror, and loss. The harsh truth is we’re all recovering and healing from something. Whether directly affected by a tragedy, or reeling from its powerful […]

Listen Up!

When was the last time you really listened to someone? I mean really, truly listened—with no phone in your hand, no earbud in one ear, no inner monologue? Chances are it’s been a while. Listening is an incredibly powerful skill—and an even more powerful tool. By truly listening to someone, you’re ensuring their voice is […]

See something, say something: how confrontation makes us better

    Years ago, there was a student on our team—I’ll call her Julie—who did some strange things while cleaning our clients’ homes. She would try on clients’ shoes, spray on their cologne, play their very old, very expensive and very off-limits pianos (“Mary Had A Little Lamb,” no less), and she even made a […]

Words Make a Difference

  Recognizing people is one the most important parts of being a leader, and it’s also one of my favorite parts. Praising and complimenting others has always come naturally to me, and I love making people feel good about themselves. But the first time I remember my positive words really making an impact on someone […]

Thinking about Women’s History Month

Each year, women’s history month is a time of reflection for me. It allows me time to take inventory on how I’m doing and where I’d like to go. It’s a month where I choose to honor the strong leadership of women who have gone before me. This morning, as I was searching through new […]

Ladies, do you play the dim down game?

Tell me three amazing things about yourself right now. GO! No seriously, tell me three things. Express them with confidence, not as you shrug your shoulders and twirl your hair and proclaim uncomfortably “ummmmm, I don’t know.” It’s tricky isn’t it? Now imagine there is a room full of people all listening to you. It […]

Generation Y: The female factor

by Kristen Hadeed With Women’s History Month around the corner, I’ve been thinking lately about being a female entrepreneur in my generation. I’m what you’d consider a “Gen Y” or “millennial.” Most of you reading this probably are, too. I started a business when I was a junior in college. What began as a stereotypical […]

A new initiative to fight unrealistic body image

Over eight years ago, Stacy Nadeau was featured in Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. Today, both Stacy and the campaign continue to fight the war against unrealistic looking women in advertising and media. Dove featured Stacy’s popular photo of her posing in her underwear as part of their new initiative: a Photoshop action that reverts touched-up […]

Empowering women to find their true role model

It’s no secret that women are slowly taking over the world… or at least making significant progress in holding crucial positions in the work place and at home. Women in areas like politics, academia, athletics and business are making advancements and experiencing new levels of success more than ever before. These women who are going […]