Sexual Violence Prevention is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted solution. Through expansive prevention campaigns, peer-driven education, and the proper deployment of Title IX, I believe it is possible to drive change in our communities.

Our Approach
Building out the necessary resources for community engagement around sexual violence prevention doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Through my consulting, I assist campuses in moving towards compliance and impactful engagement. Over six years of work, I’ve tailored a practical, three-prong approach that can be customized to fit any institution. The first step involves assessing the current reality of a campus’s prevention efforts. By conducting meetings with stakeholders, deploying surveys, using a campus audit, and reviewing data, my work begins by identifying the main barriers and opportunities facing a community.

The information collected lends to tackling this issue through a three-pronged approach.

Successful prevention revolves around everything from educational initiatives to marketing to resource planning. After a comprehensive review of existing efforts, I lead a customized workshop with stakeholders to design a campus-tailored annual prevention campaign that addresses a community’s critical issues.

Research shows that peer-led education is one of the most effective means of driving learning. By adapting customized curriculums to fit your different populations, this step includes the writing of original curriculum and the training of student peer-to peer-facilitators. Additionally, I work with your professional staff on the recruitment of student facilitators and the deployment of this program.

When considering Title IX training, it is not enough to ensure compliance. There also must be an emphasis on institutional trust. By evaluating existing Title IX training, resources, and deployment, I look for growth opportunities. This phase includes ensuring the proper education of existing faculty and staff. It also accounts for improving student populations’ understanding of Title IX services to build this trust.

Learning Outcomes

Through this consulting program, institutions can expect:

  • Assessment of community data, issues, and populations to ensure focus is placed on the right issues regarding sexual violence.
  • Identify primary barriers to successful prevention efforts and outline critical steps necessary to remedy these obstacles.
  • Outline an annual prevention plan focused on programmatic efforts, education, marketing, community outreach, advocacy, and non-profit support.
  • Create and deploy Peer-to-Peer driven curriculum explicitly designed around four areas of Foundational Understanding, Bystander Engagement, Survivor Support, and Consent and Healthy Relationships.
  • Review campus resources, services, and offices to ensure the institution offers customized service to the different populations impacted by sexual violence
  • Ensure institutional compliance with Title IX policies and procedures, including the development of long-standing training for various stakeholders.

This Approach is Ideal For

  • Office of Equity & Title IX Staff
  • Student Conduct Staff
  • Student Government Associations
  • Fraternity and Sorority Governing Councils
  • Division of Student Affairs Teams
  • Athletic Staff and Coaches
  • Office of Campus Safety Team

Meet Our Prevention Specialist

Tim Mousseau

Tim received his MA in Organization Leadership with an emphasis on Instructional Design and his BA in Organizational Communication. Where his career started designing college courses on Peer Mentoring for the University of New Mexico and involved working with developing leadership programs for undergraduates, he soon found his passion for working in sexual violence prevention. As a survivor of sexual violence, his mission has always been personal.

Through his speaking, Tim has delivered over 450 programs to close to 150,000 audience members in 48 states and seven countries. Clients have included everyone from Fortune 500 companies to world-renowned music conservatories to members of the Air Force Technical Applications Command.

And as a researcher trapped in a speaker’s body, Tim has conducted original research on the topics of sexual violence prevention and emotional safety related to the workplace. He has helped design curricula deployed for close to 100,000 annual audience members primarily made up of Millennials and Generation Z.