Mental Health

6 Signs You May Be Experiencing “Duck Syndrome” Right Now

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in obligations and can barely stay afloat? Or like you can’t keep up with the demands of life, and everything feels way too overwhelming? You may even be struggling with physical ailments like exhaustion, fatigue, and headaches, or mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, or burnout. Maybe you […]

The Biggest Mental Health Ailment Plaguing College Campuses

An interesting phenomenon has emerged since the pandemic… It’s been taking campuses by storm and it’s happening in just about every dorm room, family room, and any other room that has a bed or couch across America. As a clinical psychologist, what I am speaking about? Social apathy.  In fact, your eyes may have glazed […]

When Anxiety is Getting the Better of You

Many of us are no stranger to anxiety. It’s all too easy to live our lives in fear because we’re so afraid we won’t be able to handle the outcome. You may be noticing your worries popping up for this fall, wondering if you’ll be able to navigate the many changes that may be coming […]

When Re-Entry Anxiety is Getting to You

If you’ve been feeling more jittery about re-engaging after the pandemic, you’re not alone. There’s actually a “fancy psychological term” that has been circulating to describe the feeling: Re-entry anxiety. Essentially, it’s the notion that many of us are feeling nervous about getting back to the way things used to be. What used to be […]

Shame is One Hell of an Emotion

By: Dr. Adi Jaffe Shame is one hell of an emotion — the sinking feeling in your stomach, nausea, the shortness of breath. If you’ve ever felt shame, you’ve also probably felt like running to the nearest closet and locking yourself in there forever and ever. Bottom line, shame sucks. How people deal with shame […]

Why I Didn’t Fight Back: A Survivor’s Perspective

By: Brittany Piper “Why can’t you remember? Your story doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t you fight back? Weren’t you drinking? What did you expect?” They’re words I never imagined hearing after being sexually assaulted. Police officers, family, and community members hinted the same: it was my fault. Perhaps you’ve asked others, maybe even yourself, these […]

Live your best college life with M.E.S.H.

By: Chris Butsch Have you ever felt like you were doing the right things to be happy, but still felt stressed out, even depressed? This could be because even though you’re chasing happiness, you’re not taking the time to take care of yourself. This is where MESH comes in. If your happiness is like a […]

When Thoughts are Unkind

By: Tara Fuller Sometimes I think, “When will I be enough for myself?” I have these twisted up contrary feelings of pride versus disappointment, self-hatred versus praise. It’s confusing to live in my head. What I’m working on is knowing that I belong to me and I am accountable to those distorted thoughts. I am […]

Embracing It: How to Talk About Mental Health

By Lauren Cook One of the best ways to begin integrating mental health in our lives is to begin talking about it openly with others. While we can learn about it (naming it) and empower ourselves by seeking out resources (facing it), we also have to begin looking out for each other (embracing it). This […]

Surviving and Thriving in the Wake of Oppression

By: Stacey Pearson-Wharton, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of speaking with students about the impact of implicit and hidden bias within all of us. Recently, students have begun questioning whether microaggressions aimed at them are, in fact, macroaggressions that are intentional, premeditated, or deliberate. Given the rash of […]

Few Talk, Many Affected: Changing the Culture About Men’s Mental Health

Dr. Kevin Snyder has presented over 1,150 programs in all 50 states and has been with CAMPUSPEAK for over a decade. He’s also a former Dean of Students, an author with a best-selling book, and a professional speaker with a wealth of unique expertise both in Student Affairs and in corporate America. We sat down […]

My Biggest Takeaways as a Non-traditional College Student

By: Ethan Fisher, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker It seems like college was only a short time ago. College was a part of my life for over a decade – and no – I’m not a doctor. In 1998, I started my freshman year, and I didn’t graduate with my first bachelor’s degree until 2010. I received my […]

I cannot make you change. But I can change me.

    “If only my spouse/child/parent/boss would change…” To focus our attention on what we can’t control produces suffering. You and I have limited resources. We have finite time, energy and attention. When we expend those resources on what is beyond our control, suffering ensues. That suffering is a sign. It means we’re out of […]

Moving Beyond Mental Health Awareness

Every week I read new studies, reports or articles letting us know what’s wrong with college students. They’re stressed out more than ever. They’re being bullied. They’re killing themselves. They’re not sleeping. They’re abusing prescription medications. They’re overweight. They’re depressed. The list goes on and on. In some ways it’s like society is normalizing these problems for students instead of giving them skills to deal […]

How happy are YOU?

by Dr. Erin Foley How happy are you? Do your days feel STRONG and fulfilling? Most of us spend our lives searching for ways to acquire “happiness” the same way we would acquire a new pair of shoes or a new relationship. Happiness seems to live just around the corner. I will be happy when […]

Kevin Smith – Getting you in ethical fitness shape

Meet Kevin. He’s a 2013 new speaker with CAMPUSPEAK. He’s here to get you ready to make those tough decisions. Let’s learn a little more about Kevin. 1) Why did you decide to start speaking to college students? I love making connections with students because they know they have something meaningful to contribute to the […]