Make an Impact with these Black History Month Speakers

Since 1976, the United States has set aside the month of February to celebrate Black History Month. This month highlights African Americans’ achievements, struggles, and diverse experiences and celebrates their pivotal roles in the nation’s history and future. We honor the black community and continue to uplift all that they have contributed to our society.

To help celebrate this month, we’ve compiled a list of keynote speakers for Black History Month. These exceptional individuals hail from diverse backgrounds and possess a wealth of experiences, sharing their distinctive insights and stories to make a lasting impact on audiences.


Victoria Alexander is on a mission to raise critical consciousness in students to help them explore their racial and social identities, build anti-racist communities, and create social change. The aim of her work is to challenge the myths regarding the historical and present-day distributions of power, investigate the role of racism and anti-racism in social, professional, and educational spaces, and empower people to analyze their own social identities and positions within systems of power.



Eboné Bell doesn’t want to just create change, she believes in creating intentional change. She encourages students to discover and explore how they show up in the world. Eboné Bell is a business owner, speaker, and trailblazer who shines bright in the world of entrepreneurship, LGBTQ issues, media, and activism. Ebone’s program “Black History is American History” is a great option to bring in for your Black History Month celebration.



Kipp Colvin believes that each one of us can impact our communities by becoming confident, caring, and courageous leaders in our everyday lives. At the heart of Kipp’s work is empowering individuals to build relationships grounded in equity, intersectionality, and value-based leadership.




Dr. Walter Kimbrough helps students to understand complex cultural issues using history as a guide. He provides space for difficult conversations, so that students can live more authentically in their community. Dr. Walter Kimbrough’s career was built in student affairs, and he has been recognized for his research and writings on HBCUs and African American men in college.



Sara Lowery believes in the power of happiness. She brings a fresh perspective, high energy, and passion to her work as she inspires students to lead stronger, ask difficult questions and embrace their happiness in their daily lives. Sara encourages audiences to think critically about their leadership journeys and inspires people to be their best.



Dr. Stacey Pearson-Wharton offers a compassionate approach and expertise to diversity, equity, & inclusion education. Recognizing racial inequities can cause stress and distress in communities, Dr. Stacey also gives practical wisdom to mental health challenges to provide hope and healing in difficult times. Dr. Stacey served the Chief Diversity Officer for the Governing Board of the American College Personnel Association where she used her expertise and experience to navigate complicated social justice issues.



Curtis Hill believes creating an inclusive culture unleashes the full motivation and productivity of a team. Through storytelling, student engagement, and humor, Curtis helps students create a culture of belonging in school, work, and life. He brings all of his experience and passion to make sure that every single student who attends his programs will never be the same.


Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs creates a space for students to explore their voices. She leads with the authenticity of her own story of being a sexual violence survivor, neurodiverse, Black woman to remind others that they are not alone and deserve community and safety. Using a combination of storytelling, spoken word, and research data, she hopes to inspire others to become the advocate and resource first for themselves and then for others.



Linnita Hosten is an award-winning student success strategist who empowers students to identify and go-after their DREAM career. She is a high-energy edutainer who provides content-packed and research-based success strategy programming for organizations, universities, and community groups; and group coaching to students.



Chevara Orrin is a diversity & inclusion practitioner, author, international speaker and survivor of sexual violence who inspires students to connect passion and purpose to achieve their greatest potential.




Kaylon Blake Bradford uses his down to earth personality and southern charm to inspire students to become change agents of leadership. Kaylon serves as the Director of Student Leadership & Involvement at the University of Memphis and advises the Student Government Association and the Frosh Camp – Extended Orientation Program.



Dr. Rafael Matos is a communications expert on a mission to help people find their voices, take action and live their most authentically conscious lives. Dr. Matos focuses on leadership and personal development. His work explores the intersectionality of identities through the use of personal narrative.




Alonzo Jones believes everyone is always in a continuous process of growth. AJ motivates students to learn about their identities in order to move beyond the gray of self-perception, pressure, and ego into dynamic and fully engaged leaders.




Nisan Trotter believes you have a unique superpower. He shares powerful life stories of leadership and overcoming adversity to empower students to discover their unique gifts and talents in order to accelerate excellence!




David Otunga inspires students to set huge goals and shares with them strategies to achieve them. David’s programs will push students to set lofty goals and prove to them that with hard work, determination, and perseverance, they can reach their dreams.




Jared Sampson brings meaningful and impactful conversations about authenticity, sexuality, masculinity, and life as a gay, black, man. Jared has risen above so much and is a voice of hope and inspiration.  He shares his knowledge and passion with all who want to understand the issues and desire solutions.




Rodney Walker speaks to students about the pain and struggles he faced throughout his life that led to him becoming the stronger, more determined, and successful person he is today. Student audiences will leave his programs with the understanding that their past does not define their future and they can persevere through anything life throws their way.



Edward G. Young III empowers students to challenge the rituals and traditions that dominate their organizations. He inspires them to become the best versions of themselves through his bold, brilliant, cultured approach.