Character determines how we face everything


“We’re all going to face tough times in life, we can’t hide from challenges, whether it’s with academics, our social life, our family, or an organization we’re in. It’s how we face these challenges in life that determines who we are, determines our character and determines our happiness in life.”

New speaker, Jeremy Poincenot, believes in the power of one’s character to change the outlook on any situation.

Let’s take a look at his situation. Jeremy was a student at San Diego State University, a fraternity brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon and a business major cruising along with life when the complete unexpected happened. Jeremy lost his central vision and became legally blind at the age of 19.

“Losing my central vision in just two months at 19 years old was by far the toughest challenge I ever faced in my life. I was devastated, depressed and I thought, “Why me?” every day for a month,” says Jeremy.

Now, Jeremy would describe himself as optimistic, resilient and joyful. Through his strong character, Jeremy decided to push forward with his life.

Shortly after losing his vision, Jeremy not only went back to school but also returned to playing his favorite sport—golf. In 2010, Jeremy, with his dad as his guide, became the World Blind Golf Champion by beating out 60 competitors from over 14 different countries. Check out Jeremy’s winning shot HERE >>>

Jeremy didn’t just stop at getting back into his favorite activities, but he decided it was time to make an impact on the disorder that took away his vision. With one of his fraternity brother’s, Jeremy created C.U.R.E Ride—a 4-day, 240 mile bike ride that raises money for LHON research.

“After a while I realized that being diagnosed with a disorder with no treatment and no cure has given me a purpose in life, shoes to fill and I decided I wanted to do everything in my power to raise as much money and awareness for LHON as possible,” says Jeremy.

Currently, with the help of his family, fraternity brothers and all the participants with C.U.R.E Ride, they’ve raised over $200,000 for LHON research. Get a glimpse into the ride HERE >>>

And, he’s not stopping there. Jeremy is now out on college campuses telling his story and empowering students to rise above the challenges they are facing. With his keynote, Inspiration Beyond the Blur, he talks about how one’s character uniquely shapes a response to tragedy. He helps students become more resilient and more able to face the trials that might await them.

“Realize that life is filled with peaks and valleys, no one’s life is perfect. Know that the valleys aren’t permanent–if you find what you love and pursue it you will get to a peak. As long as we’re breathing, things could always be worse, no matter the situation,” says Jeremy.

Much more than an inspirational speaker, Jeremy challenges students to discover their character, embrace the challenges they face and move forward with the life they want, and as a recent college graduate he brings a relevant voice to a topic every student should hear.

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