Cam Adair

Cam Adair is passionate about helping people get control of their lives by building positive habits in a world ruled more and more by technology.


▪Addiction ▪Bullying ▪Mental Health ▪Personal Growth


▪Away From Keyboard: The Effects of Gaming Addiction
▪The Surprising Truth About Rejection



Cam has the first-hand experience with gaming addiction; one of the many new and unfortunate habits that we have seen come to the surface in our digital age. After years of struggling between escaping reality through gaming and trying to take back his life, Cam was finally able to break free of his video game addiction. Now, he wants to help others do the same. He is the founder of Game Quitters, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction— now with members in over 50 countries.

Through his experiences, Cam can offer his audiences a fresh, pragmatic approach to emotional and mental health for those struggling with gaming addiction, or anyone who is looking to get in control of their habits.


Cam’s Bio

Cam Adair is a Canadian-born speaker, YouTuber and pioneer on video game addiction. He’s the founder of Game Quitters, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction, with members in over 50 countries. A talented hockey player, Cam’s life took a dramatic turn at the age of 13 when he began to suffer from intense bullying, leading Cam to drop out of high school, not once but twice. He never graduated and never went to college. He spent the next year depressed and living in his parents basement playing video games up to 16 hours a day, until the age of 19 when he made a commitment to change.

Now as a motivational speaker he travels around the world sharing his message on how we can harness the adversity we face as fuel for growth, connection and purpose. He is devoted to the community he shares weekly videos with on YouTube, and in his spare time, he enjoys traveling, DJing and surfing. Cam lives in San Diego, California.


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Cam’s message was personal, inspiring, clearly delivered and flowed naturally. I really can’t recommend Cam enough to any other universities that are trying to come up with ideas to help students that struggle with addictive gaming issues.

John Peppinger

Neumont University

Cam’s hopeful message and practical steps to empowering oneself to overcome unhealthy habits and live a purposeful life, while stemming out of his work in gaming addiction, transcends into an array of topic areas where people are facing adversity.

Cara Yar Khan



Away From Keyboard: The Effects of Gaming Addiction

Gaming is a growing cause of poor academic performance, depression, and dropouts. Often, students keep this behavior to themselves, making it hard for support systems to intervene and help. A Pew study showed that 48% of college students gamers agree that gaming keeps them from studying. For over ten years, Cam Adair was addicted to playing video games, and this addiction ultimately resulted in his decision to drop out of high school, twice. In Away From Keyboard, Cam shares his personal journey of overcoming his addiction to the gaming world. He offers key insights that he’s learned along the way on living a more meaningful life. Instead of shaming those who play or debating about whether games are good or bad for you, he shares his story, creating a safe and open space to have an honest conversation about gaming and technology and its impact on the lives of students. Whether you are a student gamer or not, Away From Keyboard will inspire you to think differently about your habits and how to leverage them for more personal growth and academic success.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to use a “90-day detox” to reshape their academic performance,
  • useful information about addiction, psychology and the impact of compulsive behavior on their health, relationships and academic performance,
  • how to evaluate the needs that gaming and technology fulfill for them and the alternatives that align with their academic and lifestyle goals,
  • how to spot the warning signs of addiction, and
  • managing stress in positive and healthy ways.
The Surprising Truth About Rejection

Rejection is something we’ve all experienced before. Cam Adair offers his perspective on what we can do with rejection when we must face it. Cam speaks to the universal experience and paralyzing fear of rejection while exposing his inner turmoil he trudged through as a teenager As an elite level hockey player, Cam experienced intense bullying starting at age 13, where the fun game was “who can stuff Cam into a trashcan?” No longer feeling accepted by his team or his school, he dropped out of high school and retired from hockey. Soon, he found himself recoiling from the world, depressed and fantasizing about suicide. Then, something surprising happened that changed the way Cam saw rejection forever. This turning point allowed him to change his life around and become a successful entrepreneur. Now a public speaker, he travels around the country sharing his message about overcoming the heartbreaking pain of rejection and using it as fuel for growth, connection, and purpose.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to use adversity for progress,
  • how to break free from a rut and manage depression,
  • the secret to finding purpose when you feel trapped, and
  • using courage and vulnerability to your advantage as a leader and other uncommon self-esteem building strategies.