Darryll Stinson

After attempting to end his life due to a severe career-ending back injury, Darryll Stinson got a second chance and discovered his purpose. Darryll now inspires students to defy the stats, believe they matter, and lean into vulnerability when it comes to mental health.


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▪You’re Enough!: A Game-Changing Mental Health Belief
▪Navigating My Mental Health As a Minority
▪Unleash the Leader Within
▪The Foundational 5 – Essential Relationships for the Mentally Healthy Leader

Darryll’s Bio

Darryll Stinson’s ultimate goal in life is to be known for how he loves and gives.

He is a former Division 1 athlete, dynamic 2xTEDx speaker, hip-hop artist, pastor and best-selling author. He shares his life experience of overcoming addiction, childhood rejection, mental illnesses, bad “street-life” decisions and multiple suicide attempts to produce success in his life. He’s been featured on FOX, ABC, NCAA, and some of the top podcasts in the world.

His unique speaking style combines mental health practices with high performance habits to help audiences lead from their most authentic, powerful self.

Darryll received his Bachelor’s of Applied Arts in Integrative Public Relations and continues to invest in his education earning respected certifications in speaking, coaching, sales, and marketing.

When he is not working, Darryll enjoys rapping, reading, entertainment, music, sports and spending time with his wife and three beautiful daughters. #girldad

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Many athletes grow up wanting to be a star – Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Michael Phelps, Cheryl Miller, Usain Bolt, or Lionel Messi. As they journey through sports, their athletic identity strengthens. They get used to the attention, influence, and confidence that comes from being an athlete.

The challenge is that all athletes, whether amateur or seasoned, will have to transition out of sports, many unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with their new life.

Who Am I After Sports will help you:

– Discover why athletic transition is so difficult, and why some commonly suggested solutions don’t produce long-term fulfillment

– Learn effective tools and strategies that will help you overcome common challenges facing athletes in transition

– Develop beliefs, systems, and resources that will help you build a life you love more than your life as an athlete.

Darryll Stinson, a TEDx speaker, business coach, former athlete, and suicide survivor submits a bold theory about athletic transition – the best days of an athlete’s life, no matter how successful, are always ahead of them. This book shares Darryll’s personal story as well as Second Chance Athletes’ signature Transition Roadmap that helps athletes find a new identity and purpose to build a career and/or business they love.

Darryll’s Blogs

The following are past entries Darryll has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog

Mental Health

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Darryll was absolutely incredible! For a person to be able to engage 500 students without a powerpoint was truly a testament to the amount of passion and heart he puts into his story and authentic session. He connected with the students and showed them how to be the best versions of themselves.

Cat Nanney

Director of Student Involvement, Florida Tech University

The impact Darryll makes when he speaks is immeasurable. You can feel his heart and passion in every word. If you’re looking for an uplifting message for your students, I highly recommend him as a speaker.

Vinson Reynolds

Defensive Line Coach, Syracuse University

See What People Have to Say!

Darryll found a unique way to connect with our students as a presenter who is both approachable and informed in what he speaks about. He shared a balance of educational, fact based mental health information with his own personal anecdotes and experiences. We had many students who felt so connected to what he shared that they chose to stay after to connect with him about their own experiences.

Danielle Schenkel – Assistant Director for Wellness and Programming, Bradley University


You’re Enough!: A Game-Changing Mental Health Belief

Society has lied to us.

The world has told us that we’ll be enough when we graduate magna cum laude, land that high-paying job, or reach the top of the socio-economic classes.

These are all great endeavors, but they can mislead us if we’re not careful.

Throughout this program, you’ll hear how fighting chronic depression and selling drugs across campus as a D1 athlete on a historic football team led Darryll to multiple suicide attempts, all because he never felt like he was enough.

You’ll hear how he overcame mental health stigmas to become a successful entrepreneur and family man.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to develop a system of self-care that supports your desired level of success,
  • Why your identity shouldn’t come from your accomplishments, and two strategies to develop a healthy source of identity,
  • Why your weaknesses and insecurities don’t diminish your value but instead reveal your humanity, and when properly understood and leveraged can strengthen your leadership.,
  • How to reframe mental health stigmas to take pride in your wellness versus feeling shame.
Navigating My Mental Health As a Minority

Mental health can be challenging for any student to manage in the midst of a full class schedule, extra-curricular activities, and having a social life. Yet, minorities face several unique challenges that can make managing one’s mental health even more challenging. The good news is, there’s hope!

This keynote experience includes an acapella rap written and performed by Darryll and highlights the mental health challenges he faced as (someone who identifies as) a black man who grew up in the inner city while living with chronic depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Learning outcomes: 

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Methods to overcome mental health stigmas

  • How to cope with racism and systemic oppression

  • Options for minorities to access quality health care resources

  • How fatherlessness affects mental health and self-esteem

The Foundational 5 – Essential Relationships for the Mentally Healthy Leader

“What do I do If my friend is suicidal?”

“How do I talk about my depression without “freaking” everyone out?”

“I tried counseling. It wasn’t helpful. What now?”

These are questions Darryll gets at nearly every campus he visits.

The challenge is that implementing the answers to these questions in one’s life is nearly impossible without healthy relationships – specifically “The Foundational 5” relationships for leaders aiming to live and lead mentally healthy.

Throughout this keynote experience, Darryll will vulnerably answer these commonly asked questions while teaching attendees The Foundational 5 – Essential Relationships for the Mentally Healthy Leader.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this program, students, faculty, and staff will learn:

  • How to build five types of relationships that are critical to living mentally healthy relationships

  • What to do when you have challenges finding a counselor/therapist you like

  • Social skills to help you build a strong network that will support your career goals

Unleash the Leader Within

Unleash the Leader Within will inspire students to lead by example with confidence, clarity, and motivation.

Leveraging his personal story of feeling insecure about his voice, his terrible sense of fashion, and his mental illness, Darryll will share how he unleashed the leader that was buried beneath his insecurities in order to impact the world — and most importantly, how students can do the same.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How leadership is not as complicated as society traditionally portrays it to be,
  • How to discover their authentic leadership style and lead from who they are versus who they think they should be,
  • How imperfections and weaknesses will make them a great leader, and
  • How they can start exercising their leadership skills today, rather than waiting until they think they are ready.